Balance / Dizziness & Vertigo Workshop

WARNING: By the Time It Takes You to Read This Letter… At Least 10 Older Adults Will Be Seen in The Emergency Room... Because They Fell Down or the Room Started Spinning


Sorry for the scary warning, but it’s true. As a physical therapist I’d rather stay positive and live life to the fullest...but...

If you’re like me --older than 55 (sad reality, I know)…and/or have aging parents...

...the chances of falling are high (some of you reading this may even have a hard time getting off the floor by yourself if you fell) ...and this very concerning.

Even scarier -- is the fact that falling causes death about every 19 minutes...and if you don’t die, you’re likely to experience traumatic hospital time. Say goodbye to the quality life you want because now you have a broken hip, a mind-altering concussion, or painful wrist fractures (and lots of physical therapy).

My 79 year-old mother fell and hurt her ribs recently...she already has breathing difficulties because of a heart breathing just got painful….I really hope she pulls out of it soon so she can enjoy family and the great-grand-kids. I wish I had encouraged her more to come see me in P.T.

Maybe you’re already like my mom and lose your balance easily...some of you might get dizzy easily... and wonder how much more of your independence you can keep…before having to rely on your spouse, kids or neighbors.

"Before physical therapy, I was concerned about my lack of balance because of a fractured hip a year ago. Now, I feel stronger with more confidence than ever before."
~ B., Tooele

At Meier & Marsh Physical Therapy, we are passionate about keeping you from falling, curing your dizziness and helping you with balance problems...

This is why we are offering this FREE WORKSHOP where you will learn valuable information and life hacks-- not only to prevent falls, but to treat balance or vertigo problems, so you can keep your quality of life as long as possible.


Troy Marsh, PT

FREE BALANCE & DIZZINESS & VERTIGO WORKSHOP Call 435-843-1311. Seating is limited. We like small groups of 8-10. Everyone who registers will get our “TOP 3 EXERCISES FOR BALANCE AND FALL PREVENTION”

How to Prevent Falls and Avoid the Trauma of Breaking a Hip...or Worse (and cure vertigo!) by Dr. Adam Gubler, PT, DPT

January 30, 2020 at 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM at Meier & Marsh PT in Grantsville, 225 E. Main (by Soelbergs) Cookies will be served

Kindly call 843-1311 to register. Limited to a small group of 8-10 people.

Don’t Miss Learning this…and more! The Top 3 Exercises for Balance & Fall Prevention #1 Mistake People with Balance & Dizziness Make Reasons for Vertigo that Your Doctor can’t Help With. What to Do as You Age to Maintain or Get Back the Quality of Life You Deserve.

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