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" I was in a head on collision about a year and a half ago. Meier & Marsh physical therapy office has helped with my neck pain, back pain, shoulder and wrist pain. I ended up getting a couple surgeries during this process and they helped me through everything pre and post op. If it weren't for Troy, Kyle and staff I would not be where I am today. Thanks again for the great care and excellent therapy."
Jan 16, 2020
"Meier & Marsh has helped tremendously after I had shoulder Surgery. Troy and his team have helped me manage my progress. By pushing just enough I've noticed my pain decrease and my range of motion increase steadily. They push me just enough and I feel confident in the direction I'm going with their instruction. I've had many questions and they are a great resource. The staff are all very friendly and helpful. Much appreciated!"
Dec 19, 2019
"Troy Marsh and staff are the best.."
Dec 17, 2019
"Great service, took care of the problems I was having with my hands. Showed me the exercise that I was to use to keep the pain from coming back."
Nov 30, 2019
"I began at Meir & Marsh with constant lower back pain. I could hardly bend over or bend backwards. With the care I received here, I went from living with pain to no consistent pain at all. Better than that, I was taught exercises which eliminate pain when it does reoccur due to daily movement. I now have a set of daily exercises that keep me limber and give me power over pain! Thank you, Meir & Marsh Team!"
Nov 29, 2019
"The people here are awesome! They really care about you. They are very professional and helpful. I came two weeks after surgery and they got me on the right track. I had my right knee done a few years ago. I believe the care I got here was so much better and I could heal so much faster. They also made it fun."
Nov 22, 2019
"I started at Meier & Marsh with so much pain in my knees and back they helped me so now I have no pain at all the staff were all very friendly and kind, I was treated with respect and welcomed by all the staff I would highly recommend them to everyone I know and meet. Thank you to all the staff ❤️"
Oct 18, 2019
"I have been attending physical therapy at Meier & Marsh for almost a year now. My neck and back pain have decreased so much. I love the dry needling and discounted massages. Thanks to all of the staff at the Grantsville center. "
Aug 29, 2019
"Troy Marsh is a true healer! His positive attitude is reflected by the entire staff. After the first treatment, my shoulder pain was better and in just a few short weeks, the pain was gone. Troy's hands on therapy coupled with the laser treatment worked wonders. If you are tired of living with the pain, call Troy Marsh!"
Aug 18, 2019
"Highly recommend these guys. I have had both shoulders done with extensive surgery’s and now I'm back to normal."
Aug 14, 2019
" We have been going to Troy for years, he has done wonders for us we would never go anywhere else thank you Troy and staff."
Apr 29, 2019
"After an irreparable rotator cuff surgery, weekly therapy has greatly increased mobility but there is still daily pain. I tried the laser therapy on the shoulder along with my therapy routine and felt relief with the first treatment. The following weeks we added laser treatments on an arthritic "bone-on-bone" knee and the relief has been amazing. Since then we added treatment on a swollen and hardened wrist and the effects have continued to be amazing. I am so thankful for Troy and his awesome team and their inclusion of the laser option. It has been such unexpected additional pain relief and I am grateful. It has made such a difference! "
Feb 15, 2019
"On July 16th I had a major repair on my left shoulder rotator cuff. I had been struggling with the pain . It was really slowing my recovery . I decided to try the lazer light therapy. After just one treatment I could feel the difference . I have had 4 treatments, I have been released by my Dr. I no longer will need PT . I am so pleased with the results . I highly recommend the Lazer Therapy. "
Dec 09, 2018
"I had been having shoulder pain and numbness for over a year and then attended a workshop. I decided to try PT and Kevin was able to eliminate the pain and numbness. I'll continue the home exercises to keep the pain away. Thanks to the entire staff as they did a great job with everything."
Nov 22, 2018
"I had the laser therapy treatment done on my right shoulder because of the pain from a rotator cuff tear/injury. I’ve been in constant 7-8 out of 10 pain, but after having the treatment, I am pain free and able to move my shoulder better than I’ve moved it in months. "
Nov 11, 2018
"I’ve been suffering with a Morton’s Neuroma for over 2 years. I’ve tried injections that didn’t work. I heard of the new laser that Meier and Marsh had and wanted to try it. After just one treatment, the pain while walking is gone. I’m amazed and forever grateful! Thank you!"
Nov 11, 2018


I had my first laser treatment on my heel that I had experienced pain for over a year with some relief with physical therapy and dry needling. At the beginning of laser treatment, I could feel the painful area and during the treatment I had no pain at all and it remained that way when I stood up and walked. I will continue this treatment as needed and strongly recommend it. Thank you for the relief!


Meier & Marsh has been the best therapy for my knee replacement. Having both knees replaced within 4 months, they have been able to get my strength back in both knees and I was able to do some hiking which I have not been able to do in years. Also, able to go up and down stairs the normal way. I’m so thankful for their patience and pushing to get me back to normal.


Before coming to physical therapy, I was seeing a pain doctor and taking pain medications for my lower back. After my first visit with Troy, I got excited again. After three weeks I got off pain meds! I finally can sit, stand and am back to working out with a great outlook on life. The staff here is awesome!

~KC, Granstville

My main problem was not being able to sleep. I can tell you how much I enjoy my sleep now without the pain. Thank you so much for taking care of me. My shoulder feels wonderful.

~LC, Tooele

I could barely walk and thought PT would be a waste of time. I got better with every visit. The staff were great, and I thank them.

~SC, Tooele

I was unable to move from lying down to an upright position without severe pain in my lower back. After one day of treatment by Meier & Marsh PT I was up and walking freely. By day three my overall ability was nothing more than miraculous.

~MS, Stansbury Park

What an amazing team of professionals! In my short month here, I made greater progress than in 10-11 months with a Chiropractor. I thank them whole heartedly for the care I received here.

I wished I had gone to Meier and Marsh from the start of my treatments. I was being seen by a Chiro after a motor vehicle accident. I had severe whiplash (never realized how bad whiplash is!), herniated discs, and pain from my neck to my lower back. There was a lot of tightness in my back. Even though the Chiro would adjust my alignment, it felt like the muscle tightness would bring my spine right back out of alignment. I desperately needed the muscle tightness addressed which wasn't being done properly at my Chiro.

I felt like I would have to live with the pain for the least of my life. I was 26 and never thought I'd suffer from back pain at such a young age. I could no longer do the things I loved. Even my walk was impacted by the misalignment. The team here is phenomenal. After examination, Wade knew exactly what treatments I needed. I was seen by two Chiropractors over the course of a year. I spent 1 month of that time at Meier and Marsh and made  majority of my progress to recover. Do yourself a favor, and go straight to Physical Therapy. I know my painful journey would have been shortened if I had!

~Anna N., West Valley City

The improvement in my shoulder has been remarkable.  Kevin and his staff made me feel comfortable and cared for.  They encouraged me to work hard for my recovery.  I'm grateful for them, especially Kevin.  I went from barely able to lift my arm to almost full range of motion.  Thank you so much Kevin and team!

~Keri J,  Tooele

I had pain in my shoulder and trouble sleeping.  Now, it doesn't interfere with my sleep and I have more movement and no pain. Yea!

~Keary W., Tooele

My horse stumbled and we went down, rolled on me before she jumped up, but my ankle didn't move and I ended up in surgery so plates and screws could fix my broken tibia and fibula. I started physical therapy, and I have to say, we have the best physical therapy place in Tooele.  Kevin and his staff are fun, knowledgeable, and they make you smile and forget the pain.  With their help, I am back to riding horses and everyday life!"

~MaryAnn T, Tooele

Great experience!  Learned a lot about my body I never knew before.  Came in with issues that were helped besides my shoulder pain. All my exercises will carry me into the future for further healing!  Thanks.

~Deborah L., Tooele

Woke up with severe arm pain and couldn't imagine what caused it, but it got worse as the day went on, finally landing me in bed.  I wasn't much better the next day so I went to my doctor and he sent me here.  Now, it's just about all better and I started riding my bike again.  Excellent help and great atmosphere here.

~Tom Q., Tooele

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